Now part of the North Cornwall Heritage Coast, and mostly owned by the National Trust, Boscastle and the surrounding countryside are one of the North coast's major tourist attractions. The South West Peninsula Coast Path runs along the spectacular cliffs, formed by the rocky drop of green farmers' fields into the Atlantic Ocean.

Bottreaux House Boscastle

Ideally situated to explore the

breathtaking coastal scenery of North

Cornwall, the enchanting village of

Boscastle owes its existence to two main

factors. The unique, sinuous natural

inlet, which forms one of the oldest and

most famous fishing ports in North

Cornwall; and the Norman de Botterell

family, who built Bottreaux Castle

overlooking the Jordan Valley and gave

the village the name which has

survived, in its corrupted form, to the

present day. The village itself stands in a

deep coombe created by the

convergence of the valleys formed by

the rivers Valency and Jordan. The

captivating, wooded valley scenery is

crossed by numerous paths and is rich

in wildlife. The Boscastle woodland,

well protected by the steep sides of the

Valency Valley, is considered to be a

remnant of the original tree cover of


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